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  • Database Processing
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) Review
  • Statistical and Geostatistical Analysis
  • Geological 3D Interpretation and Modeling
  • Resource Modelling and Estimation
  • Preparation and Writing of Technical Reports
  • Mining Exploration Work Planning and Monitoring
  • Operations Support
  • Grade Control
  • Short-term Estimation (Production Block Model)
  • Reconciliation
  • Open Pit Mine
  • Underground Mine
  • Capital and Operating Cost Estimation
  • Production Optimization
  • Other
  • Metallurgical Test Work Planning, Supervision, and Test Work Interpretation
  • Mineral Processing Plant Design
  • PEAs, Scoping Studies, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • NI 43-101 Technical Reports and QP Signoff
  • Process Plant Capital Cost and Operating Cost Estimates
  • Process Plant Optimization
  • Expertise in Precious Metals, Base Metals, Industrial Minerals, and Critical Metals
  • Project Management and Reporting
  • Overall Management and Integration of Work from Third Parties
  • Basic Engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Global Procurement
  • Contract Management
  • Expediting
  • Quality Surveillance
  • Material Management
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Planing and Execution
  • Construction Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Project Controls
  • Schedule Management
  • Quality Monitoring and Control
  • Commissioning Support
  • Scoping Studies / PEA
  • Pre-feasibility Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Optimization Studies at Existing Operations
  • Preparation of Financial Models and Financial Analysis
  • Project Reviews and Analysis
  • Preparation of NI 43-101 Technical Reports
  • Review of Technical Reports and Feasibility Studies
  • Analysis of Mining Operations
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Reporting and Communication
  • Human Resources and Expat Hiring
  • Personnel Travel and Logistics
  • Implementation of Human Resources Programs and Policies
  • Personnel Management
  • Accounting
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation


Key features and components of mining audits, typically involve project reviews and analysis of mining projects at various stages, preparation of NI 43-101 technical reports, review of technical reports and feasibility studies, and analysis of mining operations.

Mining audits play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy, compliance, and sustainability of mining projects. They help stakeholders make informed decisions, reduce risks, and optimize the operational and financial performance of mining ventures.

Project Reviews and Analysis
  • Stage Assessment: Evaluate mining projects at different stages, including exploration, development, and production.
  • Resource Evaluation: Review geological data, resource estimates, and drilling programs to assess the accuracy and reliability of resource information.
  • Technical Due Diligence: Conduct technical due diligence to identify potential risks and opportunities associated with the project as well as shortcomings or gaps in studies.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities: Assess the adequacy of infrastructure, processing plants, supporting facilities, and equipment for the project's current stage and potentially for future expansion.
Preparation of NI 43-101 Technical Reports
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with NI 43-101, a Canadian regulatory standard for reporting on mining projects.
  • Resource and Reserve Estimation: Prepare accurate and compliant resource and reserve estimates.
  • Geological and Geostatistical Analysis: Conduct thorough geological and geostatistical analyses to support resource and reserve calculations.
  • Qualified Person (QP): Ensure that the technical report is authored and certified by a qualified person as per NI 43-101 requirements.
Review of Technical Reports and Feasibility Studies
  • Technical Report Assessment: Review existing technical reports to assess their completeness, accuracy, and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Feasibility Study Evaluation: Evaluate feasibility studies (pre-feasibility and feasibility) to determine the project's economic viability.
  • Risk Identification: Identify and assess risks associated with the project's design, construction, and operation.
  • Recommendations: Provide recommendations for improving the quality and accuracy of technical reports and feasibility studies or project development.
Analysis of Mining Operations
  • Production Analysis: Evaluate the efficiency and productivity of mining operations, including ore extraction, processing, and material handling.
  • Cost Analysis: Review operational costs, including labour, equipment, energy, and maintenance expenses.
  • Grade Control: Assess the accuracy of grade control measures and their impact on ore quality.
  • Resource Recovery: Analyze the efficiency of resource recovery and waste management practices.
  • Benchmarking: Compare the performance of the mining operations with industry benchmarks and best practices.
Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Identification of Risks: Identify potential risks, both technical and non-technical, that could impact the project's success.
  • Risk Prioritization: Prioritize identified risks based on their potential impact and likelihood.
  • Mitigation Strategies: Recommend mitigation strategies to address and minimize identified risks.
Reporting and Communication
  • Audit Reports: Prepare comprehensive audit reports that outline findings, recommendations, and areas of improvement.
  • Communication: Effectively communicate audit results to project stakeholders, including management, investors, regulatory authorities, and the public, as necessary.

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