Specialized mining consultancy firm based in Canada

Founded in 2006 by Louis Gignac, a 2016 Canadian Mining Hall of Fame inductee, we are an entrepreneurial minded and multidisciplinary company that offers a wide range of services to both underground and open pit mining projects from greenfield to operating mines.

Our firm possesses the rare capabilities to develop a resource from the exploration phase, to development, into construction, commissioning and then operations. We integrate with the client’s team to self-perform project development, hence to build fit-for-purpose and cost effectively. Our multilingual team can operate in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

We take pride in our track record of building mines very safely, on budget and on schedule.

G Mining performs many different types of studies and mandates on behalf of numerous mining companies ranging from junior to large top-tier mining corporations.

How may we assist with de-risking and de-stressing your project?


Build and maintain long-term relationships while creating value for our stakeholders in the attainment of mutually beneficial objectives:​

  • Employees: helping our employees grow and reach their full potential;
  • Clients: optimize their projects’ IRR (Internal Rate Return) in a sustainable, economical, technically feasible and honest fashion;
  • Native and Local communities: minimize environmental impacts while offering interesting financial, developmental and educational benefits;
  • Financiers: prioritize respect of invested capital.


R : Respect

E : Excellence

F : Family

I : Integrity

T : Teamwork


The health and safety of our employees, contractors and other stakeholders are at the forefront of how we conduct ourselves. We are proud of our great safety record during the construction of our past and current projects and we aim to maintain or improve our safety performance.


The modern mining industry cannot operate without a solid social license.

Therefore, it is our goal to help our clients maintain their social license by working ethically to help establish a mine development plan which considers all stakeholders’ views.

We focus on the interests of local communities such that the projects minimize environmental impacts and maximize benefits such as employment, education and social programs.

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