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G Mining Services is committed to placing its expertise and innovative project delivery method at the service of its clients. We have built our company on the key values of respect, excellence, family, integrity and teamwork.

  • Database Processing
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) Review
  • Statistical and Geostatistical Analysis
  • Geological 3D Interpretation and Modelling
  • Resource Modelling and Estimation
  • Preparation and Writing of Technical Reports
  • Mining Exploration Work Planning and Monitoring
  • Operations Support
  • Grade Control
  • Short-term Estimation (Production Block Model)
  • Reconciliation
  • Open Pit Mine
  • Underground Mine
  • Capital and Operating Cost Estimation
  • Production Optimization
  • Other
  • Metallurgical Test Work Planning, Supervision, and Test Work Interpretation
  • Mineral Processing Plant Design
  • PEAs, Scoping Studies, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • NI 43-101 Technical Reports and QP Signoff
  • Process Plant Capital Cost and Operating Cost Estimates
  • Process Plant Optimization
  • Expertise in Precious Metals, Base Metals, Industrial Minerals, and Critical Metals
  • Project Management and Reporting
  • Overall Management and Integration of Work from Third Parties
  • Basic Engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Global Procurement
  • Contract Management
  • Expediting
  • Quality Surveillance
  • Material Management
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Planing and Execution
  • Construction Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Project Controls
  • Schedule Management
  • Quality Monitoring and Control
  • Commissioning Support
  • Scoping Studies / PEA
  • Pre-feasibility Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Optimization Studies at Existing Operations
  • Preparation of Financial Models and Financial Analysis
  • Project Reviews and Analysis
  • Preparation of NI 43-101 Technical Reports
  • Review of Technical Reports and Feasibility Studies
  • Analysis of Mining Operations
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Reporting and Communication
  • Human Resources and Expat Hiring
  • Personnel Travel and Logistics
  • Implementation of Human Resources Programs and Policies
  • Personnel Management
  • Accounting
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation


Mining administration involves managing various aspects of a mining operation to ensure its efficient and compliant functioning.

Effective mining administration is essential for streamlining operations, ensuring compliance with regulations, and managing resources efficiently. It contributes to the overall success and sustainability of mining projects.

Human Resources and Expat Hiring
  • G Mining Services handles the selection of qualified candidates for your projects, including interviews, medical examinations, and background checks. The HR team also takes care of presenting offers to the candidates, negotiating their contracts, and ensuring they have the necessary equipment and training to integrate into your construction/mining site. GMS specializes in visa applications if your mining site is located outside of Canada and works with you to facilitate the legal employment of expatriate personnel.
Personnel Travel and Logistics
  • In collaboration with the construction management team, the travel team keeps the rotation schedule for workers up to date. The travel team ensures to analyze the best routes to safely transport travelers to the site.
Implementation of Human Resources Programs and Policies
  • In collaboration with your management team, G Mining assists you in implementing salary scales and human resources programs such as recruitment and workforce planning, as well as other policies governing employee work.
Personnel Management
  • G Mining supports expatriate employees throughout their assignment on your construction site to answer their questions and conducts follow-ups with managers to ensure their performance satisfaction.
  • Financial Management: Oversee financial transactions, budgeting, and financial reporting for the mining operation.
  • Cost Control: Monitor and control costs related to exploration, development, and production.
  • Internal Control: Implement and monitor internal controls.
  • Financial Audits: Prepare financial statements and cooperate with external auditors to ensure transparency and compliance.
  • Treasury Management: Effective treasury management is essential for maintaining financial stability, optimizing cash utilization, managing risks, and supporting an organization's growth and strategic initiatives. It requires a combination of financial expertise, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of the organization's financial goals and operations.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation
  • ERP Selection: Choose and implement an ERP system tailored to the specific needs of the mining operation.
  • Integration: Integrate various functions such as finance, human resources, procurement, and inventory management within the ERP system.
  • Data Management: Ensure accurate data collection, storage, and reporting through the ERP system.

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