G Mining Services Inc. is committed to place its expertise and innovative mining practices at the service of our clients. We employ skilled and qualified personnel throughout our company.

  • Personal and Commercial Integrity The Company maintains long-term business connections with its clients and partners based on integrity and discretion.
  • Code of Ethics G Mining Services Inc. issued a Code of Ethics for all its employees, whereby several requirements related to the company‚Äôs information, clients, prevention of conflicts of interests and strict rules of governance have been established.
  • Local and Native Communities Our company works with its clients, local and native communities to establish mutually beneficial relations in an honest and respectful environment.
  • Social Acceptance of a Project Our company strongly believes in the importance of involving the concerned populations in the planning of an acceptable consultation process. This measure allows for varied opinions to be aligned and integrated into a project. Furthermore, in regard for sustainable development with socioeconomic and environmental impacts, management and exploitation of resources must allow a beneficial outcome to the community.